January 10, 2012

5 Cheap Winter Dates

It's cold outside and possibly the ground is covered in snow, so what's a couple to do? Here are 5 cheap winter dates:

1. Breakfast and a Movie - Why wait till evening when all the prices of movies are high? Eat breakfast together (an bagel egg sandwich with a fruit smoothie), then head out to the matinee.

2. Book Warmth - Stoke the fire, cozy up on the couch and read a classic book together. Or listen to one on c.d. if you or your date isn't comfortable reading aloud. Some of my favorites are: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Secret Garden, and The Little Prince. Make some easy taco popcorn to go along with it.

3. Nerf Basketball - Get your game on with a round of Nerf Basketball. Play HORSE, or Twenty-One. Whoever loses treats the other to a specialty coffee.

4. The Love Tent - Remember when you made tent hideaways with blankets? Why not bring back the memories of youth and create a haven for chatting? Play The Art of Conversation Talking Game by Taoc Taoc to get the conversation rolling. Fix carrot sticks and hot wings to add some spice.

5. Dark-and-Seek - Turn out the lights and play hide-and-seek the creepy way, find your date by feeling around in the dark. The most obvious places can be the best hiding spots in this twist on the age-old game. Warning: Beware of screaming and fits of laughter. Finish with a Hershey's dark chocolate bar and cocoa.

Most of these dates can be done at home. I purposely did this for couples who can't always find sitters but still want to do something fun together. And if you're snowed in, you might need a few indoor dates anyways.


  1. Fun! I love the breakfast and a movie idea!

  2. Great ideas, I vote for Number 2, very chill.

  3. i love these! especially 1 and 2! can't wait to be reunited with my man so we can do these :) happy tuesday!

  4. These are some really good ideas! I know my husband would love to try the dark and seek one, haha. I'd be one to go for the breakfast and a movie. Now to find a baby-sitter. :)

    Have a wonderful day, lady.

  5. Fun!
    I go to a lot of movies first thing in the morning. Can't beat the price!! :)

  6. These are great Cathy
    the food pairings are perfect!

    Love and Light

  7. These are great ideas! Next time I'm snowed in I'll try some of these.


  8. i too, love the breakfast and movie idea! we have a fun local theater here, that plays indie, and cult classics. i need to get on that date idea! thanks for the ideas!

  9. Cute ideas - I love the hide - n - seek. My partner would hide so well I'd never find him! I think we all need to be more creative in our living and it doesn't have to cost anything really. We should all learn to play again.

  10. Those are Great!! I love the morning one too with bagels and smoothie..yumm. I think the tent and the nurf would also be cozy and full of laughter. I want to try them all!! :)

  11. Wonderful ideas! I want to get that game!


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