December 1, 2011

Truth Thursdays: YouTube Lessons

  • I love the scent of my pillow--not the fresh just-been-washed smell but the one after a few days of sleeping on it. Much has been speculated about this within my family, for instance: does this mean I like my own smell?
  • I've never cooked our family's traditional Thanksgiving dressing (don't faint, Mom).  It always seemed daunting to me and so far others have taken that on. But I suppose it should be on my bucket list of things to do . . . maybe.
  • I'm an avid speller.  Except, ironically, for the simple words "their" and  "friend." They always mess me up!  I think it's the i-e combo.
  • I'm learning a song on my guitar.  And when I say "a" song I mean "one".  I haven't taken guitar lessons but I'm trying to figure it out (hooray for YouTube), so we'll see how this goes.  I have played piano, does that translate to guitar?
  • I'm not a get-your-Christmas-decorations-up-by-Thanksgiving sort of girl.  I'm more of a hope-to-get-them-up-by-Christmas one.
What about you? Any truths you'd care to share?


  1. I still have Christmas decorations up from last year, so I'm set :)

  2. I have the exact same spelling issue!

  3. I play piano, but not guitar. Several family memebers do play guitar, not my kids, so no one in my house plays. In my opinion they are two different ways to approach music. Piano playing is about note reading, patterns, some chords, but usually broken chords or inverted chords, less often solid core chords. Guitar is all about the chords and strumming at the chord change. Some very skilled guitarists do some fancy finger work - like the Flamenco guitar. You can watch that on Youtube as well, very exciting! I'm a pianist and a singer. I just bought a drum and love it. My fingers do not itch to play string instruments. Cool that you're learning something new! What song are you learning?

  4. Mary, you're so sweet to ask. I'm keeping the song secret till Christmas but I'll send you an email.

  5. Good luck with the song and learning guitar! Have a wonderful week...:)

  6. CUTE post! I am attempting to learn the guitar as well. It seems like you are already much better than I am - I have yet to look things up on YouTube. That's how great my attempt is! Ha ha. I am all about spelling as well ;)

    Xo. Nicole

  7. I've always thought guitar would be a fun musical instrument to learn. I've heard lots about people being self-taught with it ... Good luck and let us know how your song goes :)


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