November 28, 2011

Much Love Monday: Gift Love

What I'm loving today are five of my favorite gift ideas:
  • Lady of the forest pendant
Faery Dust Art

  • Knitted slippers
denizgunes knitting

  • Mother-daughter dance.
Sadee Schilling Studio

  • Rubber ducky earrings
Oh Snuggle Me

Aren't they gorgeous?  What's on your favorites list today?


  1. Those slippers are divine.
    My mum makes booties much like that (except not as cute - but don't tell her I said that)
    Loving that pendant too.

    Happy Monday to you x

  2. The slippers look so cosy! And I love the rubber duckie earrings, thanks for sharing your finds :)


  3. My daughter would love that necklace. Thanks for the idea.

  4. The knitted slippers are so gorgeous!
    Thank you too for visiting my blog! ^^

  5. Hi there, stopping in from Much Love Monday. I just love those knitted slippers! They look so warm & cozy! I hope you have a great Monday!

  6. I love the pendant! The rubber duckie earrings are cute and adorable and made me smile, but not something I would actually wear, I think!


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