October 25, 2011

Of Tender Sons

I watch my husband answer a phone call awakened out of needed sleep.  In the tender way he answers, I know it's his mother.  She has nothing vital that needed saying, just a friendly ear to listen.  Her elderly excitement is all about what she accomplished that morning.  He lays back on the pillow adding small affirmations along the way as she chatters in his ear.

He didn't have to listen.  He could've told her he'd been sleeping and would talk later, or quickly rushed off the phone; but he didn't.  That's the kind of son he is.

I watch my son walk to me first thing in the morning.  He sits on the edge of the recliner and wraps his arms around me mumbling a good morning.  He knows I love this greeting. I hold him tight for an extra long time.  He doesn't recoil, he allows me my added minutes.

He didn't have to hug me.  He could've shouted good morning from his room or simply met me at the breakfast table, but he didn't.  That's the kind of son he is.

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  1. It sounds like your mother-in-law and you have wonderful sons.

  2. As the momma of a boy, I love this story.

  3. What a lovely post. I don't have any children myself and my own mother died when I was only 13 but my husband's mother is still with us and she calls from England often. It's nice to know there is a motherly figure around.

  4. If I'm honest, I have to say I'm terrified of having a son. I grew up with so many women around me I don't know how to deal with boys.

    But I know mothers and sons have a different kind of bond that can be so touching. Thanks for this story. It reminds me of that and helps me see a bit of what I'm missing. :)

  5. Both of my sons are like that too, and I treasure those moments. This was beautifully written, Catherine. :)

  6. Tears, Catherine! This is so beautiful. I don't have a boy, but we moved a long way from home to give my mother-in-law her son back. They have a very special bond that I feel so blessed to finally witness in everyday life!

  7. Catherine...I can so relate
    my husband is a dream to his mom...and my boys...both so different, give me what it is I need
    I love the perfect plan of it all
    and that morning hug...is there anything better????

    Love and Light

  8. What a great perspective. It's a modern day positive cat in the cradle.

  9. I felt the warmth and love expressed in your beautifully written words....wonderful!


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