October 12, 2011

Imperfect Prose: The Truth

I sit here trying to write out my thoughts but all that comes to me is sporadic pieces.  So guess what you're getting?  A bullet-in post.
  • I haven't painted for a week.
  • I haven't written either (on the book, that is).
  • Those two things make me feel like I'm doing nothing.
  • But I have been doing stuff.  Traveling, visiting with family and friends, keeping and caring for my grandmother, planning meals, reading, schooling my kids, laundry, cleaning, parenting, and sorting out bills.
  • Why don't I count these things?
  • I have a stack of five sewing books from the library sitting on my desk and I'm not sure why I checked them out.  I don't even own a sewing machine.
  • Maybe I want to have more stuff to do that I don't do so I can heap on the guilt.
  • Or maybe I'm overly hopeful that I'll have time to learn.
  • My grandmother's staying with me this week.  She's in the quiet stages of dementia.  She's precious and happy to sit reading her Bible, working word searches or watching Andy Griffith.  
  • I'd like to be that way, happy with simple things.
  • I need to be content with my beautiful life.


  1. Yes, I agree. The picture is so lovely. I know what you mean about not being busy, but being busy. Hopefully, you'll soon be busy with your writing and painting.

  2. your art is beautiful! and book? congratulations on writing one...and best of luck on your journey.

  3. I always feel that guilt when I'm not doing the things I really want to be doing. But I'd probably feel more guilt if I focused only on writing and ignored the rest.

    It would be nice to be happy with the simple things. Thank you for sharing this reminder.

    Glad you have this time with your grandma.

  4. wow. i love that painting. and i would love to hear more about your book sometime. and i'm the same way: why don't i count the other things? for in truth, when it's all painted and said, it's those other things that matter... thank you for reminding me of this, friend. xo

  5. Your art work - is so sweet - as is your list. Don't be too hard on yourself - sometimes its fine to just let things be. It sounds as if you have a pretty hectic life - don't put too much pressure on yourself. When I worked in the UK I looked after a dear lady who had dementia, she was such a gentle lady, it was a wonderful experience. I love your 'love extravagantly' art work - what an expressive word - extravagant is!

  6. I had a similar conversation with a writing friend, yesterday. When we aren't writing, we feel like we aren't being productive, even when we're busy with important things, even when we're on vacation.

    I love this picture!

  7. Can relate!! And I LOVE that painting!!!!


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