September 5, 2011

Much Love Monday: Porches

My cozy front porch
Taken from Flicker click here for link

I love porches.

My sweet friend used to have many gatherings on her porch.  It was a place of refuge, sharing and laughter.  Her family recently gave me some of her things because they're moving and can't keep it all.  One of them is a bench. I'm planning to spruce it up and use it as seating on my porch as a tribute to her. I also got some sweater pillows she made.  I think I mentioned once about her collection of pillows.  She loved them!  She could make a pillow out of any stray fabric.  These particular pillows were made from thrift store sweaters (wish I could show them to you, but my camera broke this weekend).  I also received some of her beautiful scarves and an old china cabinet that now houses my art supplies.

I'm grateful for things I can see and hold that give me a connection to her but it's bittersweet.

What are you loving today?


  1. Oh I wish I had a porch. We do have a back deck, but it's not really set up to be a fabulous hang out spot. My parents have a wrap around porch at their house, and we always spent so much time out there, especially on the porch swing watching the rain.

    That's great you have functional items for your house that also serve as a tribute to your friend. So sweet.

  2. Kristin, I've always wanted a wrap-around porch! Ours is narrow but deep; I want to make it cozy.

  3. I am loving my porch today, too. There's something so sweet just being able to sit out there and hear the wind and feel the sun on your skin. It's a great place for me to reconnect and reflect.

  4. What a lovely tribute to your special friend to have things that you can use and be reminded of her. I love porches too - or verandas as we call them in SA. We are lucky enough to have a back and front veranda. Our back veranda is a bit of a mess at the moment but I have lots of plans for it, once my hubby moves all his stuff away.

  5. Adrienne, I agree--especially with coffee! And it's one of the quietest places in our house. :D

    Clare, thank you. Can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

  6. Sounds like the perfect tribute! I've always loved a good porch too, but I am in a track home that includes a porch about the size of a refrigerator! Ha!

  7. Sweet memories and keepsakes, Catherine. I am loving my family and friends. I've been celebrating my birthday for a week, now, and it's been wonderful. Lots of quality time with so many loving people.


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