September 13, 2011

Easy Bench Re-Do

1.  This is the weathered bench from my friend's porch.  I modge-podged various scrapbook papers onto the top.  Kept them large which I don't normally do, but wanted to keep some of the written pieces in tact so I kept everything aligned in scale.

2.  Then I dabbed on layers of paint and modeling paste.  I wanted the wood to peek through in places, but also wanted enough coverage to be colorful.  It took awhile because I had trouble getting the colors the way I wanted.

3.  Finally it debuted on the porch. I added the sweater pillows and voila!  It's a cozy place to gather with my family or to step out for a quiet morning with coffee and computer.

**Taking these photos was a hoot because my camera screen is broken (since last weekend - sniff). I was guessing my shots as I took them and had to wait until they were downloaded to see them.  It made for quite the picture adventure.


  1. What a unique piece of art, and a great conversation piece too ... Great idea!

  2. Oh, it's spectacular! Ive said it before, but... it bears repeating. YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!

  3. Catherine, as usual, you blow me away!! LOVE it! :-)

  4. Joanne, thanks! I hope it does start conversations because I love me a good visit!
    Mary, it WAS fun! I may do something like it with my dresser next.
    Pat, thank you! :)
    Corey, you're so encouraging! Thank you.
    Shannon, thanks sweet lady!

  5. I love, love, LOVE furniture re-dos. I think it is fabulous to take a piece and breath new life into it. I have several different pieces in my garage I am working on. So fun, right! The bench looks fabulous! Have a beautiful rest of the week. :)

  6. fabulous! and those pillows are cute too!

  7. Jen, I'd love to see what you're working on!
    Tara, thank you. The pillows were made by my friend who passed away in June so they are very precious to me.

  8. You are fabulous!! I think I'm being quite honest when I say that is the coolest bench I have ever seen and I am slobbering with envy, wishing I could have one like it!

    And you were taking pictures the old fashioned way! I still can't believe I used to take pictures and not know right away what they looked like. How did we survive back in those stone ages? :)


  9. What a great project! You are so artsy!!

  10. Valerie, :D
    Amy, I don't know how we survived! ;)
    Kristin, it was a nice change from canvas.


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