September 25, 2011

Much Love Monday: Dancing to the Beat of a Bongo

This week I'm celebrating the birth of my second born--my baby girl. She dances to her own beat; always.

I love:
  • her amazing voice and ability to break out into song at any moment
  • her organization skills and serious determination
  • her silliness
  • her laugh; which she uses often
  • her tender heart and pied-piper ability to draw children to her
And I hope she always dances to the bongo beat inside her soul.


  1. lovely tribute to your special daughter. She looks like she is full of fun, she looks a lot like you!

  2. Lovely sentiment for a beautiful spirit. Happy Birthday Girl!

  3. that was precious! thanks for sharing =)

  4. She is beautiful, Catherine!!

    And I want you to know that even though didn't pick me this time, I am still your BIGGEST fan!! :-)


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