August 24, 2011

Filling Time Pockets

It's amazing what can be done in small pockets of time. If I was more organized and able to align my day by the minute, I would get so much accomplished.  But since I'm far from that, I've learned to capture the pockets of ten minutes, fifteen minutes or more. They usually happen in the waiting.  I hate waiting.  This helps me not hate it so much.

During the day when I'm at an interval; I snatch my opportunity. I drip paint, imagine a character or outline a face.  And if I'm out, I can still write an idea, scribble a theme, or capture a color palette.

Pouring creativity into the crevices of life helps me accomplish my goals while adding pleasure to the mundane.

How do you fill your pockets?


  1. I do the exact same thing. In fact I carry a little notebook with me to jot down ideas that come into my mind. I just hate sitting still, even when watching tv I have to crochet or do something with my hands. :-)

  2. i used to do the same thng, but now that i have my iphone, i usually catch up on reading other blogs =)

  3. When I do that, I am amazed at what can happen in a few minutes.

  4. I'm not a master of every single minute, either, but I have found that I can get a lot of writing done even in a ten-minute time slot. It's actually amazing -- especially when the idea has had time to percolate while doing dishes or folding laundry-- all those "brainless" tasks. :)


  5. I like how you put it- "pouring creativity in the crevices of life". I do not like waiting too, and always have a "torture kit". A little wallet full of ATC sized paper, a small pair of scissors, drawing pen, fabric backed with paper, and I am happily "pouring creativity in the crevices of time."

  6. I have never thought about it in this perspective!well, since I lack any kind of hobby except blogging, can I say I fill them by browsing other sites or does this make me really superficial?


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