March 10, 2011

Truth Thursdays

Jennifer at Unedited introduced me to Truth Thursdays - so here's the truth:

1.  I'm terrified of Ferris Wheels.
2.  One of my favorite movies is Peter Pan (not the cartoon).
3.  I always opt for a straw when drinking from a restaurant cup (germaphobe).
4.  I'm a klepto when it comes to nice or funky pens (so hide your favorites).
5.  As a child I wanted to make up a word that would end up in the dictionary.  And since many letter combinations had been used, my words were mostly consonants: lrgh, blske, fmsa.  (Don't ask for definitions because I won't tell you, ahem)


  1. Truths: I love that you always include me on your posts and ALWAYS stop by to remind me that they're up so I can read them!

    I love fun pens, but I'm very picky so I keep my own (no, I'm not sharing)... however I am known for taking the soaps, coasters, and ash trays (even though I don't smoke) from hotels and such. They've never charged... lucky me :)

    Oh and I'm all about the straw and making up words!

  2. I love cool, fun pens too!
    Love #5! :-)

  3. LOL! I love the honesty. :o) And I'm afraid of ferris wheels too.

    Also I stopped by to let you know you won a book on my blog--Scones and Sensibility is all yours once I get your address!


  4. Hooray for Sumpter as Peter Pan!
    He's just fabulous, though the movie has a few 'issues' - it's pretty darn cool. :)

    If you need more Peter Pan, I have took recommendations.

    First, a book that's based on Barrie's very own idea for more adventure... and Jeremy Sumpter has read it and likes it! Click!

    Then there's the grand "What if?" tale that sends it all in another direction while rooted in the essence of Barrie's themes. Plus, it had been inspired by the 2003 film. But be ye warned: It's not for the kids! Click!


  5. It is hard to come by nice or funky pens so who could blame you!

  6. funny! thanks for sharing ;)


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