February 10, 2011

Thursday Letters

If you haven't read about my Letter Project, check it out here.

The friend I chose for this week's letter is vivacious, tall, beautiful, full of laughter and a giving heart.  Always quick to entertain, she loves people.

Unfortunately, the recent effects of cancer keep her from being able to do many of those things now.  We talk and see each other often.  But I figured a letter in the mail could be an unexpected connection.

I shared what my family's been doing while being snowed in the last two weeks.  My son built an igloo for the first time (since it's the biggest snowfall we've ever had).  My youngest daughter organized countless drawers and closets.  My eldest daughter baked more cakes (Reeses Buttercup Cake, YUM!).  And I was able to paint five more pictures (one of them above).  I hope my friend enjoys an imaginary tour of our adventures.

Next Week's Prompt: A Child


  1. I love your Letter Project ... and your painting ... and how productive you've all been while snowed in!! That letter is going to make your friend's day. I've been trying to be better at sending 'real' mail to friends/family, and your story is further inspiration!

  2. Such a pretty painting. I love the colors and the way you tilted her head.

    An igloo sounds....amazing. I want one :)

  3. Kelly H-Y, thank you! Aren't letters so fun to get? I love real mail.

    Bethany, thanks. :D The igloo was pretty adorable. I may try to post pictures.

  4. That painting is so vibrant and fun! I admire your letter writing project, such a wonderful thing to do for others.

  5. Tricia, thank you. I really enjoy the process. It gets me out of my element and writing in a different way.

  6. This is a wonderful project and painting!

  7. *sigh* Have I told you lately how much I love your artwork? LOL.

    Your letter idea is one of the best ever! :-)

  8. Paul C, thanks!

    Shannon, I love it every time. ;D Thanks.


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