February 3, 2011

Thursday Letters

So as my letter project for this week, I wrote my brother who's six years younger than me.  Before he was born, I hoped for a boy and my sister hoped for a girl.  I won. :D

Why write to my brother?  He just moved to a faraway place leaving behind his wife to sell their house.  Due to the slow market, the house isn't selling.  He's been gone since December and has only been able to make a few trips back home.

I couldn't help thinking of him when I was deciding who to write.  I know nothing feels as cozy as a letter from home when you're secluded in a place where you know no one and you're being trained on a new job.

Unfortunately, I can't sent it.  We are snowed in.  Literally.  The whole town is practically shut down.  So hopefully I'll get it off by the weekend.  If anyone would like me to link to their letter project, let me know.  Below is a prompt for next week but feel free to write whomever you chose.

Next Week Prompt: Someone struggling with their health.


  1. This is a beautiful idea, Catherine. I'm sure your brother will appreciate your letter. :-)

  2. well your bro is lucky to have you on his team.. very cool idea.

    - Sy

  3. Hope that snow clears soon! I absolutely love receiving letters. I just need to be better about writing them.

  4. I'm sure your letter will make him smile.

    I just made a card for my sister. I'll probably just do this once a month, and most of them will go to her. Her oldest son died the Saturday before Christmas, and when I saw your post on this, I thought this is something I could do to feel like I'm helping a bit. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Shannon, I hope so. :)
    Sy, aw thanks!
    Roxy, me too! And I'm always excited to receive a genuine letter.
    Myrna, I'm sure she will appreciate that. I'm so sorry about her son; that breaks my heart.

  6. Hello Catherine, just popped in to see how you are doing and really enjoyed your post. You know that nowadays with e-mail and cell phones people no longer write letters by hand so receiving one in the post is like receiving a message from God. My post box only receives flyer's and junk mail now so on those odd occasions when I have reason to thank someone or give news I try to send a letter. Last week the girl next door gave me some dough to bake bread with and I dropped off a hand written thank you letter. The result was amazing. Keep up your efforts, you will accomplish far more than you could ever imagine. God bless you my friend. Geoff.


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