December 17, 2010

The Danger of Writing...

About a week ago, I went to have my fingerprints taken for a new part-time job (it's the law). It sounded intriguing. The lady at the education center began dipping my fingers in ink and rolling them on little paper squares.

I watched mesmerized.  After about twenty failed papers, she exasperatedly told me I needed to go to the Sheriff's office so they could use the big scanner thingy and get a print.

Big scanner thingy?  I drove to the police station excited to see the machine. (Obviously, I don't get out much!)  The administrator worked fifteen minutes trying to get the scanner to read my fingers.  She brought in boss lady.

"Why is it so hard to scan my prints?" I asked.

"You've worn them off," boss lady replied with bored irritation.

Worn them off?  Thoughts of becoming a spy filled my head.  "How did I wear them off?"

She barely refrained from rolling her eyes.  "Lots of typing, washing your hands too much...that sort of thing."

Weirdly it made me feel special.  I mean, I'VE TYPED MY FINGERPRINTS OFF!!!

Is it just me, or is it thrilling that writers and nurses may be the least traceable people in the world?


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! That is TOO funny, Catherine! :-)

  2. Um...yes...this is kind of exciting to me... *slinks off to plot foul capers*

  3. That's very interesting...and being a mystery writer...useful! :)

  4. Shannon, I know, right?
    Kristin, consider this a warning; your fingers could be next.
    Valerie, I KNEW you'd be the caper-type.
    DL, I have to admit it made me want to write a mystery. Well, for a few seconds at least.

  5. wow, that's crazy! Now I have a brand new goal in my writing life!

  6. That's awesome. It sounds like a great premise for a mystery.

  7. Don't you get it? The lady at the education center, the police administrator , and the boss lady are setting you up! When the FBI comes to get you and you have no idea why your prints matched those at the bank robbery scene, don't say I didn't warn you!

  8. Brenda, yes! Just keep typing, it'll happen.
    Myrna, exactly! Except I'm no good at those.
    JJ, Ahhh, I see. I'll consider myself warned. ;)

  9. Too funny!

    Except that, well, that's a heck of a lot of typing!!!

    (your poor fingers.....)

  10. Shelley, wish I could say it was from all the bestsellers I wrote. It's more likely from writing emails.

  11. AWESOME! Oh the badassness of it. *types furiously to wear mine off*

    Happy fingerprint-less holidays!

  12. Lola, Happy Holidays and may your fingerprints click into oblivion.


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