November 17, 2010

Let the Nail-Biting Begin!

I did something Monday I've only done once before, I sent off a picture book manuscript.  I immediately felt nauseous after I heard the "plunk" of it landing inside the mail slot.  It's been my baby for a year.  Thanks to Shannon, Kristin and Myrna's awesome advice, I revised and fine-tuned it before sticking the stamp on.

But still.

You wonder.

Is it ridiculous that I checked my mailbox Tuesday afternoon?
Yes it is.

I'm diverting myself working on Christmas gifts and cleaning the house.  Not sure why this mailing is making me so jittery.  I've had plenty of rejections before.  And even made art of it here.  But this feels different.  The stakes are higher.

The last time I sent a picture book manuscript out, I sent it to ONE editor and never sent it out again.  But that's the way I began with magazine articles too.  It took me a whole year before I began sending stories out on a fairly consistent basis and the rejections didn't hurt so bad after awhile.  Then I started getting hand written notes and even acceptances.

Now it feels like I'm starting all over.  Maybe I just have to keep sending out, like the short stories and since this is the beginning again it feels raw.

I'll let you know what happens, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I won't hear anything until four months from now IF I hear anything at all.

No I'm not worried.

**Chatter, chatter**

My nails are stubs.  Nothing new.


  1. Ack! Quick! Must make distractions list for Catherine!
    1. Watch Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended version
    2. Go on a really, really long hike
    3. Read the entire Harry Potter series (again...right?) and then go see the movie.
    4. Design/Paint all your Christmas cards.
    5. String popcorn for the tree!
    6. Build a miniature railroad city.
    7. Write!
    Good luck!! Take deep breaths. You've sent it out into the world. Nothing more to do, but wait and try not to go too crazy. ;)

  2. Caroline, Thank you!!
    Valerie, HaHa! A distractions list - GENIUS! And what a fun one!! You're brilliant. Now maybe I won't end up in a padded room.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you! It's a fun, fun story - I'd buy it! :-)

  4. It is a fun story! And I might have to steal a few of those distraction ideas. Too funny you checked your mailbox!

  5. Shannon and Kristin, thank you sweet ladies!

  6. I love it that you're cleaning house and preparing for Christmas as a distraction. Of course, you're nervous. I wish you the best. Good vibes are going out into the air for you and your story!

  7. Thank you Mary! Yes, gotta keep myself occupied.

  8. It's a great story! Someone will want it.

  9. Very awesome - congratulations! Can't wait to find out what happens. Thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate the pick-me-up.

  10. Myrna, thank you so much!
    Mary, thanks! **Hugs**


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