October 8, 2010

What Messes Are Good For

I'm messy.

I try to be organized, and spit-spot but I'm not.

For many years I've chided myself about this.  Read self-help books.  Watched my amazing organized friends with awe and wondered if I would ever be like them.

But lately, I'm beginning to see some good in my messes.

1.  No one touches my piles (probably because they're afraid of what's under them).  Therefore my special manuscripts and super-secret doodlings are safe. (I'm NOT venturing to show you my writing desk--Yikes!)

2.  Surprisingly, lots of friends hang out at our house.  Despite the mess, they keep coming back.  Which makes me feel loved for exactly who I am.  They don't need my clean house--just me. (And maybe they like being messy too?)

3.  If it gets bad enough, my family will take me seriously when I say they need to pitch in.

4.  Cool stuff grows out of messes. I don't know how it happens but in the midst of puddles of paint, glue and goo, pretty things hatch.  And I like pretty things.

Of course, I will continue my pursuit of the organized/clean life. But in the mean time, I have messes.

Which are you?  A messy or a cleany?  If messy, tell me what beautiful things you've seen grow out of your messses.  If cleany, some tips PLEASE!


  1. I definitely tend toward the messy side, but I like to look at it as organized confusion. I do try to keep the living room clean, then somehow, the rest doesn't matter as much.

  2. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I have piles all over, but I feel the need to clean them every weekend. I hate to be clean, but I can't stand clutter. I know...I'm weird! :-)

  3. I'm messy, but like you, I try to be organized. I think this is why we have piles.

    My kids are like me, more creative than organized, and they're the beauty growing out of the mess at our house.

  4. I'm both. It's just a question of whether I can see it or not. Someday, my eyes are just opened and I see the awful mess!

  5. Elle, organized confusion--I like the sound of that!
    Shannon, you're a meseany, or a cleanessy.
    Myrna, I "aww"ed out loud at your sweet comment about your kids. Sniff.
    Lydia, yes! I know what you mean.

  6. Messy. It's sad. There are some areas where no mess can be suffered, like in the kitchen. The bedrooms and cupboards and bathroom, however... Sad.

  7. Your mess is so colorful!! My messes look more like dust and dog hair. :) I lean more to the cleany side of things. Kind of obsessively, but I'm working on that. It's okay to let things get a little messy. Tips? Um...... I have none. And I don't know that it's better over here in Clean Land. In fact, it's kind of boring. :D

  8. I'm pretty into neat and organized, everything has it's place.....of course I live alone so that works out for me.

    If I didn't live five hours away I would totally keep coming back.

    There is deeper meaning than just a pile on the table in the sentiment that beauty can rise up from our messes....I like that thought.

  9. Tone, notice I didn't show you those areas? Yes, sad.

    Valerie, my mess is colorful? I'm putting that on a plaque.

    Bttrfly, five hours or not, you're welcome anytime. :) I like that thought too. It gives me hope.

  10. I too would accept you just the way you are and hang out at your house!
    I like my house tidy, it is not usually scrubbed! When I work, cook, create, I am VERY messy. This is why I have a special outfit I wear for creating. It is becoming its own work of art!

  11. I am messy--although I like things clean around the clutter. Being surrounded by bright colors and interesting knick knacks helps me think, whether I'm writing for fun or writing a paper. Thank goodness my roommate is okay with a room that looks like a rainbow deflated inside.

  12. Jema, aww thanks! I have an apron I always wear and I know what you mean about becoming it's own work of art. :)

    Sarah, a "rainbow deflated inside" made me laugh. I think I'd love your room.

  13. I'm a cleany but would love a desk like yours - so full of colour and creativity..reminds me how great it is to visit your blog..Jae

  14. I'm messy too. I'd really like to be clean and uncluttered, but it's never anything I can maintain for more than a couple of days. There's so many things I'd rather be doing. You're right about the kids helping out if it's messy enough thing.


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