September 25, 2010


Today my second born, my baby girl, turns thirteen.  She is shifting from a child into a beautiful woman.

To my sweet girl: You are beautiful and golden from the inside out.  You make me laugh even on the toughest days.  You're tender-hearted enough to refrain from making fun of me when I cry in lame movies.  Little children flock to you like the pied piper.  I admire your wisdom and grace.  And what would I do without my snugglybean?

I hope you'll remember this day among your treasured ones.


  1. Awww happy birthday to your daughter, she is very blessed to have you as her mother :)

  2. That is so sweet. :) She looks precious!

  3. She is so beautiful!! My oldest turned 13 last February - he was so excited to reach that milestone. :-)


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