June 24, 2010

June Confession


*shuffles papers to avoid eye contact*

I'm gonna give myself an extension on my novel.

* hangs head*

I'm moving the deadline to the end of July.

I could tell you everything that's happened this month--but I won't.  No excuses!  In hindsight I probably should NOT have signed up for Bunowrimo when I had so much planned.

But on the upside, I DID get writing done.  Even more than what's listed on the sidebar.  I just haven't transferred it from notebook to screen yet.

Knowing you might be watching to see whether I finish or not, holds me accountable.  So thanks for that.

*drums fingers on desk*

Anyone else want to make a confession?

*eagerly looks around the room hoping to see a raised hand*


  1. I didn't miss any deadlines...but I'll raise my hand anyway because I don't want to see you standing up there by yourself. :)

    Don't sweat it...you're still on track!

  2. I'm trying to avoid the need for confession - back to work now!!

  3. *raises hand* For my New Year's goal I said I'd be querying by now. I'm still writing. But I've decided as long as I am writing that I am moving toward the goal. And that's fine.

  4. Good for you, Nichole! :D

    Tricia, *high five* I agree. As long as we're still moving forward. :D

  5. "Met" you at Shannon's place and decided to say hi. It's fun to connect with a new writer. Like your "unplugged" image!

    May God bless your writing!
    Hope you can stop by my place sometime!

  6. It's okay that you didn't meet your goal. You did get some writing down, maybe more than you would've if you hadn't set the goal - so it's all good. Good luck with finishing. Sorry I haven't sent your book out yet. I will soon. very soon.

  7. I'm proud of you for giving yourself the extension, I would have just quit!

    Way to extend yourself a little grace!

  8. I am seriously on track to miss my (self-imposed) August deadline by several months. Just keep pluggin' away, Catherine-- you're almost there! I'm just happy when I edit a paragraph these days :-)

  9. LOVE that you write in a notebook.

    Heck, it's summer! Give yourself until August 18!

  10. I had to do the same thing with Scriptfrenzy (remember April?). I'm still working on it. It gave me the impetus to work on it. My timeline is just more complicated.

  11. You found your bright side, but I'm going to repeat it: You wrote, and that's exciting, even if it's not as much as you wanted :) Do you do most of your writing in a notebook and then put it on the screen?

    My June confession: I meant to work through an outline of what I started writing during NaNoWriMo, because I want to finish it, and I have lots of unfinished stories as a result of not planning. I meant to start another draft in July, but that's now pushed back because I still don't know how the story ends, and I don't think writing it will bring me there. On the upside, I spent some time with it and found some wonderful ideas :)

  12. *mouth full* mmmfhh huh! *raises sticky hand* I confess too...I ate 5 oreos. Agree with bttfly that you are still going and giving some grace, I'm proud of You! *big black speckled grin.


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