June 1, 2010

Crazy's in the Air

I did something crazy.

No not those.  But aren't they adorable?  They're my daughter's.  I would secretly LOVE to wear them if I wasn't fearful of ending up on What Not To Wear.

No my craziness involves this:

I signed up to write a book (50,000 words) in June.  It's called BuNoWriMo and it's kind of an alternative to NaNoWriMo (which happens in the month of November).  This is the first year for BuNoWriMo and there is a Facebook page if any of you would like to be as insane as I am to jump aboard.

If you join, please let me know.  We could keep each other accountable.  And look the word count on the sidebar.  It MOVED!!!!!  (Yes, I'll be working on one of my WIPs but it wasn't too far in progress so I still think it counts.)

I can tell with the sun shining and chicklets free from school wanting to play that this is going to be a challenge.  My goal is to write at night or early morning so I won't be robbing the family of summer playtime.

Who's with me?  hee-hee, no pressure  And who's got some advice for swimming safely across these writing shores?


  1. Wow! Good luck! Trevor and I just bought a house and have multiple weddings in June...otherwise I'd be up for it. :)

  2. Those are the coolest shoes! You should be wearing them with what you've signed on for. Good luck and have fun!

  3. SarahAnn, Wow you guys ARE busy. Have fun with your new house!
    Tricia, I just might! (If I can pry them off her feet)

  4. Love the boots. I want to be with you -- but I really need to finish my WIP. Good luck.

  5. Those are great boots. Good luck with your 50K!

  6. Look at you on a roll! Congrats! And you've won the challenge at my place as well.

    Good luck with your 50k now!

  7. You started the roll! Thanks so much Jackee. :)


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