March 13, 2010

Sleepover and Flowers

 A sleepover happened here.

 The snack chair (much depleted at this point).

Last night my twelve-year-old daughter had three friends over.  They giggled in the van, in the movie store, on the trampoline, on the floor playing games, at the table painting their nails, on the couch watching Ponyo and in their beds until they fell asleep at 12:30ish.  SERIOUSLY.  I don't think they stopped once.  

My fifteen-year-old daughter gave me an exasperated look about half-way through.  I told her it wasn't too different with her friends.

She said, "I know.  I'm feeling sorry for you and Dad right now."

Thank goodness the youngest is a boy. ;)

Myrna Foster gave me this award.  I love it because I'm so ready for spring I could burst and these flowers give me hope that it might near.

I'm going to pass it along to these sweet ladies:

Cross Your T's
A Woman's Write
Art by Jema
Walking Butterfly
Play Off the Page

As always, don't feel obligated if you don't "do" awards.  Just know I was thinking of you. :)


  1. Giggling slumber parties - fun when we were little. Very annoying when to our parents, I'm sure. Congrats on the award.

  2. Ah the memories! I love that your 15yo was feeling sorry for you. lol!

  3. Mary, it's so true. However, I do enjoy watching and occasionally listening in to gain a feel for language of this age. (Free book research)

    Nisa, I know. It cracked me up too.

  4. As far as the sleep-over goes, been there...done that, so many times! It's always so surprising how much the kids will let down their guard when their in a pack.

    Congrats on your award!

  5. Hey, fun story about all the giggles. I have all boys. They're a bit louder. I have three extra big boys (16-year-olds), plus my guys and neighbor boys. Lots of video games, basketball and anything with wheels. We have spring break this week. We're taking a Stay-cation.

    Thanks for the award. I got the same one from Unedited. I said the same thing about loving the spring flowers!

  6. A bit late, yet full of appreciation. THANK YOU for my award! Is it really all that strange to feel like we have been friends for a very long time?


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