February 8, 2010

Live the Life You've Imagined

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."-- Henry David Thoreau

As a writer, I daydream.  A lot.  I dream about my characters and how they respond to the trials I give them.  I dream of fun new things for them to try and adventures they can overcome.  But sometimes, I forget to live.  Forget to step away from the computer and splash around in the world.

How do you remember to live?

Kimberly Conway kindly awarded me the Happy Award.  She has a fun contest going on at her blog and the prizes include jewelry so check it out!

I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy.
1.     Blogging friends (top of the list)
2      My hilarious husband and witty kids
3.     Friends (who've seen me through highs and lows)
3.     Coffee
4.     Good books (and the smell of them)
5.     The ocean
6.     Babies
7.     Warm cheeks
8.     Snowfall
9.     Josh Groban's voice
10.   Children laughing

I'm going to pass this award on to:
Lynnette at Chatterbox Chitchat
Stephanie at The Writer's Cocoon
Jennifer at Me, My Muse and I
Diane at Need More Words
Heather at Notes from Lapland
**As always, don't feel obligated to take awards if you prefer not to.  Just consider it a nod in your direction.


  1. I'm the same. Sometimes I forget to see the world around me, to live in it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love the quote and the artwork you chose to go with it. Congrats on your award, Catherine. :-)

  3. I do the same thing - I'll sit in front of the computer screen all day and life passes me by. We definitely need to get out the world though - it helps us be better writers.

    Congrats on you award - a lot of the same things make me happy too.

  4. Love Thoreau! And congratulations!

  5. Anissa, I have to remind myself quite often.
    Shannon, thanks.
    Mary, yes it does and I forget that.
    Tamika, me too!

  6. I don't mind ignoring the world around me. Just need to remind myself not to get so grumpy about the screen in front of me.

  7. I forget to live sometimes too. It's always my children who bring me back to the present. You can only daydream so long when kids are around!

  8. I'm telling P about #6.

    I do that too, forget to live, differently but it's probably all the same in the end.

    When I discover how to remember I'll let you know :)

  9. Bane, at least you try not to get grumpy. :)
    Natalie, yes kids bring us back!
    Bttrfly, don't you dare tell. ;) It's a deal.

  10. Hmmm... I try to go outside and hear the wind every day.

  11. Kristen, I've never done that but I love the idea. The wind always makes me feel there's something bigger going on in the world.
    Winged Writer

  12. Oh, thank you, sweetie! That award makes me so...happy!
    and I just ADORE Josh Groban's voice, too. Makes me melt. :)

  13. P.S. I left you some Sugar on my blog today. :-)

  14. This quote spoke to me. Whispered to a part of me I try to quiet. I think you've inspired a post in me.

  15. Beautiful, beautiful quote. So many of the things that make you happy are on my list as well. Babies, children laughing etc. Love it! So glad Shannon directed me to your blog.

  16. Jennifer, happy to have found another Grobanite!
    Shannon, thank you!!
    GWOE, can't wait to read it.
    Nisa, welcome. I'm happy you came over!

  17. Thanks for the award. I've already received it, but I always appreciate the gift. Plus, I've discovered a couple new peeps to follow. Sanks.

    Lynnette Labelle

  18. I love this quote! and I love your blog!

    I followed you here from Shannon's blog and she was right on the money! I'll definitely be back.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

  19. Hmmm... I have some friends who believe in me. That means a lot. And I keep dreaming of the day I see my book on a shelf.

  20. Lynnette, you're welcome. :)
    Kristi, so happy to have you!
    Kristen, sometimes it's hard to believe all those books had authors hoping the same thing.


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