February 25, 2010

Geometric Girl

I'm one of those people who draws furniture on graph paper before I move it.  I write a million schedules of my day--to be followed tomorrow. I like to know what's happening, where we're going, and who's on the phone.

I like control.

But I'm having to let go.

Now from the above statements, you might assume I'm an organized person.  I'm not!  I like "order" in weird places.  Like the coat closet.  It's neat while the living room coffee table has dishes covering it.  *Looks over shoulder to see if dishes are still there.  Happily, they are gone.*

Lately my control is cracking.  Which is a good thing because I don't want to be a controlling person. But it's hard to change.  So, since I'm having to let go in real life, I decided to draw a girl who is completely predictable--geometric. Even her eyes are square.  I love her.  She's me on paper. Even Steven.

*Awkward silence.*

So, *Ahem* now that I've bared my soul I'm curious; do you like to control?  Or do you tend to be controlled?


  1. I like control in certain areas. Like my desk may look like utter mayhem to the average person but if one thing moves on it I'll be the first to know. Other things I couldn't care less if someone touches it or bothers it. I guess I'm ok as long as no one bothers stuff for my book. :) I think I'm a little possessive of that stuff.

  2. As a slightly-OCD person, yeah, I really like control. I have strange things that I organize as well. Thanks for a great post, Catherine. I have an award for you on my blog.

  3. I'm a little of both, depending on the area of my life. I am NOT an organized person, but I need to feel involved in things - I hate to be entirely powerless. :-)

  4. I would like more control, but can't say that I have it. I do (usually) make lists. I have this fantasy that I'll get control of my life, or at least my environment, when my kids leave home.

  5. I like to make lists and cross things off, but I don't have a lot of control or organization going on in my life either.

    I love your picture! Do you post pictures that you draw on here very often? I hope so.

  6. I like being in control of the schedule. All desktops, countertops, and tabletops are cluttered. Letting go of control is healthy.

  7. Oh, my heck! This is the basis of my novel. And yes, I'm a control freak. I like to be in charge, thus I'm a teacher. And an author. I write what happens during my day, my classroom, my novels. I think it helps make up for the things I can't control.

    But man, is it ever hard to let go.

  8. I can so relate! Yes, I love to be in control and have - sadly - discovered that it is an impossible thing to achieve! :-)

  9. Bethany, I agree; no one touches my data stick!
    Roxy, I'm glad I'm not the only one. ;) And thank you!
    Shannon, I think I can be both at times too.
    Elle, funny I have that same fantasy. ;)
    Myrna, I forgot to say I love lists! Yes, I try to post pictures on Thursdays. :)
    Mary, you're right it's healthy (and hard).
    SarahAnn, that made me laugh. Way to own it.
    Elana, it is? How funny. I've often wondered if that's why I like writing; because I control the outcome.
    Kelly H-Y, probably good for us that it's impossible. lol
    Tiffany, Thanks for admitting it and making me feel less like a freak. :)

  10. I like the predictability that my illusions of control provide me. :)

  11. I love organization and preparation and planning, so yes, I tend to lean towards the control end of the spectrum. This weekend that I got married, I learned that I HAVE NO CONTROL!!! and as such, need to learn to let go a little (or a lot, depending on the situation)

  12. Bttrfly, well said.
    Voidwalker, good thing you learned that now. lol

  13. In matters that really mean a lot to me, I have to be in control. Otherwise I'll go with the flow and be the best little soldier you can imagine.

  14. I am very proud of you for posting your truth! Great drawing by the way. I always love those visuals of how we see the world. So...I would say I was controlled in the past, thus my drive for control on the outside today comes from feeling chaos on the inside. I guess I finally faced my truth, I am not REALLY in control of anything. *I think I just heard my laundry chuckle?*

  15. DL - "best little soldier" If only everyone had that mindset. ;)
    JeMa - Yes, "chaos on the inside" is a good way to put it. My laundry would be laughing hysterically.

  16. i was a complete control freak for a long time. having 3 kids has made me see the error of my ways, so i'm trying to let go. besides, the only thing you can really control is yourself and even that doesn't happen as often as we'd like.

  17. I have found myself in both and am learning that neither are loving. I LOVE your geometric girl!!


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