January 9, 2010

Sunday Scribblings 197: Extreme

I told her I wanted it different--extreme.  But I hadn't meant this.

At most, I thought she'd shorten it to chin length and add highlights; but not make it spiky blue!  I forced my eyes to blink and gave the best fake smile I could muster.

"It's--it's--"  I couldn't think of a word other than FREAK.

"Extreme, huh?  Huh?"  Her comb waved at the mirror.  She chomped her gum and glowed with the success of her artistry.

"Yeah."  I gulped.  What would Chuck say?  Probably something about a Smurf on crack.  And the kids?  Double gulp.  If I hadn't totally embarrassed them by now, this would do the trick.  I paid.  I left Sophie counting the obligatory tip on my way out the door.

I decompressed in the car for thirty minutes.  Katie had ballet lessons in an hour; I couldn't sit here all day.

"I can do this," I told myself.  "I am strong.  I am capable."  And a freak, said a small voice at the back of my head.  "No!" I shouted into the empty car.  "I am NOT a freak."  An elderly woman strolling into the salon shot me a worried glance.

I drove home fluctuating between the feeling of excitment about doing something crazy and feeling crazy about being excited.  I took a deep breath before entering the house.  Tally, the lab, noticed me first.  She barked as I entered through the back door and panted excitedly.  I gave her the routine biscuit.  Katie saw me next.  She was on her way to the pantry.

"Wow.  You look...different."  She gave a puzzled smile but hurried on to get a granola bar.

Jeffery, my ten year old, saw me from his spot on the couch.  "Hey Mom, I like your haircut.  What's for dinner?"

At least he knew what was good for him.  "Your favorite," I said, as reward.

Chuck came in and kissed me on the cheek.  I waited for the snide remarks but nothing came.  He jabbered on about his day and some client who didn't follow through on a deal.  Finally he stopped long enough to look at me--really look.

"Did you do something different?" he asked.

"Just a little color," I said.  "Nothing too extreme."


  1. I want to smack Chuck, I know what that feels like, isn't he a pain. Hahaha.

  2. A nice touch of the maritals at the end!

  3. Brilliant ending! Those risky haircuts always leave you feeling a bit conflicted don't they (especially the next morning!) Jae

  4. Love the way you got extreme in at the end!

  5. I loved this! Isn't that just like a husband to not notice the extreme. :-)

  6. Love this! The family response is spot on. The build up followed by the lack of any reaction is a winner.

  7. Very good! It's fun and easy to read. I really enjoyed it!

    I've given you a Blog Award over at my blog http://StarlightBlog.com Don't worry if you don't have the time to do the whole award thingy. It's mostly in acknowledgement of your great blog.

  8. Are you really saying that your hair was BLUE & they said nothing beyond, "something different?"
    If so, then you must be one extreme person already & it just fit what you do all the time! Way to go!

  9. spiky blue LOL - that would be a bit much though these days anything goes with hair color. One my fortieth birthday I was driving an old van to town and In A Gadda Da Vida came on the radio and I realized I was just an old hippy and went and bought hair dye and dyed my hair red. My husband walked in from work and laughed for a half hour. I think I'd have preferred your hubby's reaction :)

  10. hahaha! How fun! Too bad I can truly relate. I've had SO many bad hairdos and only recently found a girl I absolutely love. Of course, she started out by saying, "I can FIX your hair." Grr!!

    But what great "scribblings." You read easily--a good sign. Do you have more for this story?

  11. Stan, exactly.
    Mary Anne, an award? Yay! Thank you.
    Brenda, this didn't happen to me, it's fiction; although I've had pink streaks before.
    Dee, laughed for a half hour? You poor thing. I might've been tempted to add another color for that. ;)
    M. Gray, that's one of the nicest things you could say to me (reads easily). No, I don't have more of this story. I just wrote it for Scribblings.

  12. absolutely wow!

    I am sorry for the late arrival to Sunday Scribblings but I had to pay you a visit :)

    Happy SS

    Extreme 'Caution'

  13. This one is awesome. It is well written and funny. Nice work. Since my wife is a hair dresser it really struck a funny bone. I cannot tell you how many times she has come home with different hair color and style and I have not noticed. However, she has never done the blue spikey thing.

  14. Excellent, just excellent. Loved every word of it. :)


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