January 16, 2010

I hated Nancy

I hate Nancy.  Or I did.  The name that is.  My Dad was in Vietnam when I was born and Mom didn't know she was having twins (it was the time before ultrasounds).

A girl's name was selected.  My sister came out first so she got it.  I was the surprise.  My Grandparents scrambled to name me.  They came up with Nancy Catherine.  The first name based on my mother's sister who'd passed away.

That fact should have been enough to make me like it.  But I didn't.  I thought Nancy sounded whiny.  It might've had something to do with the latter series of Little House on the Prairie when an evil girl took the place of Nellie and her name was--Nancy.

I've kept my name hidden for years.  Until...

I know.  It's a picture book.  BUT, I looooooovvvveeee her!  Talk about a character.  And so fancy.  Last year a friend of mine gave me the Fancy Nancy "Let's Get Fancy Together" set for Christmas. It's packed with party supplies and the coolest fancy glasses ev-er.

I'm feeling rather proud of my first name these days.  Thanks Jane O'Connor and Robin Press Glasser.  You freed my Nancy-ness.


  1. Your Nancy glasses are adorable! Do they help you write faster? If so.... I might have to go get a pair. :)

  2. We all love Fancy Nancy - she's too dang cute NOT to love! :-)

  3. I know! She has baubles, high heels AND fancy words. What's not to love?

  4. Adorable. I am Denise Eileen (Eileen after my mother). I always hated my name, especially my middle name. It seemed too old fashioned and un -hip in a world of Kathy's and Emily's. At my high school graduation, in 1978, we had 42 kids in our graduating class. The principal used our full names to call each of us to the stage to receive our diploma. My best friend received her diploma right before me. She thought that she was saving me by whispering to the principal, "Don't say Denise's middle name. She really hates it!" But her whisper was captured by his microphone and broadcast to everyone over the loudspeakers. Everyone in our little town knew and loved my mother. I was humiliated that I had "dissed" my mother. She never said a word about it, but I learned to never complain about my name!

    I am slowly learning to embrace my "Eileen." Kudos to you for embracing your "Nancy."

    Denise "Eileen" Burks


  5. This was so cute Catherine! Nancy is a such a cute name-- how could you not want to have a name that's so fancy!

  6. Denise "Eileen", your mother sounds precious. I'm glad you're embracing your Eileen-ness.
    Natalie, lol. Well, I'm learning.


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