September 6, 2018

Guilty Pleasure, The Bachelor

I am ashamed to admit I have a guilty pleasure of watching the Bachelor shows. When my family comes home and I'm in the middle of an episode, there's a wash of shame that comes over me and an apology escapes my lips; but there is no attempt to change the channel.

When asked what I love about it, I can't pinpoint the reason. The truth is that I roll my eyes several times an episode and sometimes get really annoyed. Yet, I am drawn back in when the time comes around. I don't truly consider myself part of the Bachelor Nation. I think of myself more of a so-so fan who just can't look away.

Maybe it's the romantic in me that wants to see a "happily ever after"? Although the success rate is dismal. Or it might be the puzzle factor, trying to see if I'm right on who they'll choose. I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment if I'm right (which is only half the time).

Whatever it is, I continue to watch it. And when pushed on my choices, I 'maturely' remind those living in my home about the shows they watch which I hate!


  1. I had a similar relationship with the Kardashians. I think the complete lack of any need to think in order to understand the shows is what sucks you in--it's so EASY to watch. I finally realized that the curiosity factor and ease of consumption was far out-weighed by my desire to encourage a less vapid society.

    1. Well said, Kimberly! I think you're right about the ease of watching. And the powerful truth of your last sentence will be reverberating through my brain today!


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