June 25, 2018

I'll Be Your Designated Reader

For years, I tried to figure out my thing.

You know, the one thing they say to look for, threaded throughout your life that's your sole purpose? The thing that gives your life meaning?

But it kept alluding me.

Until one day (after a ridiculous amount of time searching, self-reflection and discussions) I looked around my chair to find piles of books. Books I'd read, books I was reading and half-finished workbooks. Then it occurred to me:

Reading is my thing!

As a child, one of my favorite activities was finishing books as quickly as I could, so I could exchange them during our weekly trip to the library.

I read to learn, escape, discover and share with others.

Every friend of mine knows this because when they have a problem or struggle, I always chime in with, “You need to read this book (insert title)!”

But I’ve noticed something ironic, even among my book-loving friends, they don't want to read the book. They simply want to be told the best parts.

And I get it. They may not have time, or maybe they don't like the genre I recommend. If they don't have the desire to read these books, then I might be their only introduction to the content. They won't discover the good parts without being told. And if the juicy bits speak deeply enough to their lives, they might eventually buy the book! Or at the very least, recommend it to others.

Maybe as you're reading this, you identify with my friends. You don't have time or desire to read. Maybe you wish someone would read for you and just deliver the good parts. I don't want anyone being left out of fabulous content just because they don't have the desire (time/energy/resources) to read. So I have an idea:

Let me be your designated reader.

People have designated drivers, so why not a designated reader? I love to read and I love to share what I'm learning. I could keep you in the loop of all the good books and their outstanding content. And if that helps you, it'd make me doubly happy!

I'll share the life-hacks, encouragement, tips and insight I find that could make your life easier, happier or more productive.

I want to save you time!

I'm not interested in doing book critiques or reviews, just sharing my takeaways ~ what I liked, what I tried, what worked and what didn't.

In the end, you might find a solution to your problem or even a book you actually want to read!

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