January 11, 2016

Earthy Casual Capsule Wardrobe

If you're an earthy colors, all-pants-all-the-time, comfy-casual sort of gal, then this capsule is for YOU! Full of easy to move in jeans, design leggings and a go-with-everything pair of pants, you'll be ready to go. AND I've put the outfits together for you ~ three weeks of outfit bliss!

I'll be honest, these are the kinds of outfits I frequent. Well maybe not the decorated leggings, mine are just black, but still. All comfort all the time! In fact comfortable is one of the three words I chose to help me pick clothes for my capsule wardrobe.

Right now it's cold and snowy here so all I'm thinking about is layers! Lots and lots of layers! This capsule is one that could easily be layered and then shed depending on the fluctuating weather (or in my case, changing inner temperatures).

If you would like help with your wardrobe, I will be offering consultations at the end of this month! I'll share more about that in the coming weeks. May your days be simple and full of purpose!


  1. Love this capsule! Thank you for creating this post. :)

    1. Jamie, this is the stuff I love wearing! You're welcome!

    2. Jamie, this is the stuff I love wearing! You're welcome!

  2. More like this please!


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