April 1, 2015

Five April Goals

Hello April!

Feel like I say this every month, but wow, that month flew by. I guess that means it's on to new goals!

Let's see how I did on March's goals:

1. Stay off the scale. This goal was about freeing myself from the pressure. I won't say that I never weighed in, but I didn't get on near as often as usual and it was refreshing. I just focused on healthy behaviors.

2.  Write 5,000 words this month. I don't know what was with me this month but I really struggled in the writing department. Towards the end it picked up, but I still didn't reach 5,000. 

3.  Read a memoir and a writing book. This was kind of two-in-one but I enjoyed both the memoir and the writing book! I wrote about the memoir (29 Gifts) last week and I'll write about the writing book (The Memoir Project) soon.

4.  Reduce clutter in the kitchen. YES! I had a sweet helper with this one. We cleaned out all the tupperware and reduced it to the ones with lids only!

5. Surprise someone in need of company. I got the privilege of doing this for friends who needed some encouragement; their company was also uplifting for me!

Four out of five is definitely my sweet spot.

Now onto April's goals:

1. See the movie, Insurgent. Just cause I wanna.

2. Read two more books. This is something I love to do, but when I make it a goal it's like giving myself permission so I don't feel guilty doing it. {Yes, I'm aware that's crazy logic}

3. Get a more organized routine in my daily life. I have a few routines down, but I would really like to cement a more permanent writing time and exercise pattern.

4. Focus on photography. I really want to give myself more time to experiment with photography as a hobby and as a help to the blog. I have a fun project I'm thinking of trying but I'm working out the details before I share it.

5. Share more daily life photos. I love looking back through my archives and finding snippets of life throughout the years. I haven't done as well with that lately and I want to get back to it.

Do you have any plans for April? Any goals you'd like to accomplish?

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