March 25, 2015

Spring Break

We hopped over to Oklahoma City during our Spring Break and had a fantastic time. It's always fun to get away from routine and enjoy new surroundings with your favorite people.

We went to the zoo first. We saw a huge brown bear scratching his back on a tree. My favorite part was the baby elephant. We couldn't get very close to her but here is a fuzzy shot because I couldn't leave without a photo.

Sooo cute. And I especially loved the butterfly exhibit. ;)

Afterwards we went to the OKC Bombing Memorial. Obviously emotional and invoking of deep thoughts. We like to sober our kids on vacation. Then to end on a happier note, we went to an Escape Game. 

They lock you in a room with clues everywhere and you have an hour to figure out the code to the door to get out. We knew we would either conquer the code or kill each other trying, ha. It turned out to be a fantastic team-building experience. We had so much fun and finished with fifteen minutes to spare! Which apparently is good because only 38% actually crack the code. Yay Team Denton!

I love taking little trips like this, and fortunately my husband is the best at planning unique, interesting adventures for us.

What's your favorite kind of getaway?

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