January 8, 2015

Photo Project

What I'm learning about my photo project on Instagram:

*It's helping my gratefulness increase. It causes me to stop every day and savor something.

* I apparently like close-ups. That could be an eyesight problem, ha, but it also reveals the way I like to see the world ~ intimate and detailed.

*I'm not sure how to get a focused photo with my phone camera. I'm hoping practice will help me in this.

The point is I'm learning, right? I'm still clumsy about remembering to take a photo every day but I know it'll become a habit soon enough. I also know I'll be grateful at the end of the year for all the ordinary moments I captured (imperfectly or sporadically) because these simple moments fly by so fast. They'll be extraordinary to me soon enough.

What moments have you been savoring this week?


  1. How lovely! I'd be thankful for those purple glasses, too!

    1. Thanks Kimberly. They're fun and my reading is going SO much better since I got them ~ no more squinty eyes!


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