November 17, 2014

Five November Goals

Well, nothing like setting goals for a month seventeen days into said month. But better late than never, yes?

First, let's look at last month's goals:

1. Rework my fall wardrobe. Done! I didn't get it photographed for you, but I'm happy they're hung in my closet and easy to access.

2. Write every weekday. I don't know if it's the fall air, NaNoWriMo spirit or knowledge of a year closing in on me, but writing has been strangely consistent!

3. Coffee on the porch. Yes, oh the lovely stillness of vibrant leaves whispering to me.

4. Create something autumn-y. Wha-wha-whaa. Didn't happen and I'm not really sure why. Too busy, I guess.

5. One fun, family adventure. Yes! I love crazy outings with my favorite people; they make me laugh so much.

Now for November:

1. Read two new books. I've been on a reading frenzy; it seems the cold weather always spurs me on.

2. Write every weekday (besides Thanksgiving break). I'm on a roll, might as well keep it up!

3. Finish cleaning out the garage so I can fit my car in. It's not too overloaded but I need to take things to Goodwill.

4. Write a letter. I love this old-time tradition because I adore getting real stuff in my mailbox. It's rare, but I love it.

5. Get a new haircut. I probably change my hair a tad every month but I want something that feels fresh.

How is your November going so far?

{See October goals here and December goals here}


  1. Girl, you're crushing it! It seems when I set weekly goals and announce them in some way, I accomplish them, so I'm doing okay this month and getting things done. Glad you're November is also productive : )

    1. Thanks Melissa! I've noticed that really helps me too. Somehow speaking it to the blogosphere makes it more of a priority.

  2. YOUR November. Sorry, I have a your/you're problem.

  3. I like the idea of prepping my wardrobe! I think I might just go through my closet and do that.

    1. Thanks, Kate. It really does help in the morning knowing that everything in your closet fits and is ready to wear! :)


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