September 22, 2014

Writing/Daily Schedule

I'm insanely curious about how people schedule their days; I love seeing how others operate. Now that school is in full swing, I thought it'd be fun to share how I've been scheduling my three alone-time days. Obviously it never goes this perfect, but this is my aim:

Early Morning:
Morning routine, fix lunches. You'd think by now I'd have learned to fix lunches the night before but nope, I do it each morning.

Drop son off at school. My husband takes our daughter. Our eldest is in college.

Write and breakfast at my desk. I find that if I take coffee and breakfast to my desk; I get started right away. Don't worry, I set my coffee on a separate table not to chance ruining my laptop. I often write while standing up to keep myself from being seated too long during the day. I try to rock back and forth to add a little movement.

Walk/feed dog, get ready. After writing awhile, I need a break. Walking my dog is refreshing for both of us. I'm trying to make this a habit every day.
Walking usually revives my thoughts and puts them into some kind of order so I'm able to return to my desk with new vigor.

Lunch. I step away and go to the kitchen for lunch. Sometimes I check emails and social media or sometimes I just soak up the quiet. It's my reward for getting writing done.

Early Afternoon:
Housework (or errands). Clutter gets to me after awhile and it feels good to get things picked up before everyone gets home. If we've had a busy week, this is especially nice. Then I write or edit a little more.

Pick up kids from school, aka reading time! The schools let out just enough apart that I have a good amount of waiting at each place ~ perfect for catching up on my favorite book of the moment.

From this point on, my focus is on family. Usually I'm fixing dinner or helping people with homework or just enjoying time together. I often get a little more writing/editing/painting done in the evenings when everyone is occupied with other things.

What's your schedule like? What would your ideal day be?


  1. I like to start the day by eating breakfast while social networking but then I often spend too long doing this and carry on long after my breakfast is finished! A walk to the shops happens in the middle of the day when my painting has reached an uncertain stage. The evenings I spend with the family and try to grab a few minutes to knit while watching TV.
    Thanks for sharing your day, I love to how other creatives spend it too! :)
    Jess x

    1. Loved reading this, Jess! It's so fun to hear how you order your days. :)


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