July 11, 2014

5 Cheap Family/Date Ideas for July

Around here, July gets pretty hot. It's perfect for outdoor adventures as long as you stay hydrated and don't overheat. Here are five cheap outdoor dates for July:

1. Drive-in movie and sno-cones.

There is something super fun about seeing a movie at the drive-in ~ throwing frisbees before the previews, laying out blankets in the back of your car (or reclining in camping chairs). It's a great mix of outdoor/indoor fun. I'm a movie-lover but my husband likes the interaction of it, so sometimes a group date makes it even better. Stop by your favorite sno-cone place before going or buy from the ice-cream trucks once you're there. 

No drive-in theater in your town? No problem. Make your own little theater in the backyard like this or this. No sno-cone place nearby? No biggie, try making your own with these recipes.

2. Progressive picnic in the park.

You've heard of progressive dinners, so why not make it a progressive picnic? Have appetizers of watermelon shishkabobs by the duck pond (with some bread crust for the ducks), fried chicken by the swings and popsicles at the picnic tables.

3. Catching fireflies and star-gazing.

Remember staying out late when you were a kid with a jar and a lid poked with holes to catch fireflies? Why not do it again? Take your jar and head out of town. Find a secluded spot, pull over and see what fireflies you can catch then lay on the car hood to gaze at the stars.

4. Walk to the ice cream shop.

Take an evening stroll together to the ice cream shop. Walking + ice cream may sound like a contradiction, but you're allowed to splurge in the heat, right?

5. Evening swim or water-fight.

I love to swim. Our neighborhood pool is a lot less crowded in the evening which makes it perfect for a date swim. But if you don't have a pool or lake nearby, there's always a water-hose fight or washing the car. Have only one rule: to get as wet as possible.

What do you love doing in July?

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