May 7, 2014

Active Day in Photos

Since I wrote about being more active instead of sedentary, I thought it'd be fun to show an active day through photos. 

8:00 I wrote while standing and swaying on the porch.

 9:00 Photographed a beautiful discovery on a short stroll.

9:30 Spent the day taking down popcorn ceilings on our house.

 12:00 Took out the trash . . . many times.

3:00 Walked while waiting for my daughter to come out of school.

We worked hard, especially my son and husband, taking down popcorn ceilings. I didn't capture the rest of the day but I hope this gives a small glimpse into adding activity to your day.

What are activities in your day?


  1. I have lots of stairs in my house. That helps!

    1. Oh wow, Rebecca, I bet that DOES help. I only have a sunken living room step but maybe I should put it to better use. :)


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