January 6, 2014

{Not So} Ordinary Moments: Gifts and Time

Holidays have come and gone. Snow has visited once again and left us with a free snow day. I'm happy to have it. I'm never quite ready for the winter break to be over; there's always more reading, togetherness and relaxation to enjoy.

My sister painted adorable mugs for many in our family and this was one of them. I just loved how she did the paisley butterfly and these colors are some of my favorites. My parents gave me this bracelet bought from ladies across the world to help their living conditions ~ that made me extra happy about wearing it.

New Year's Eve, my sister came through town and we went out to breakfast alone. Even though we were together for Christmas, it's never as much talk time as we'd like. This gave us an after-the-chaos chat to fill my sister tank.

Now I'm off to enjoy my quiet snow day and hopefully take some pictures of my dog in the snow. I want to practice my photography so I can get better at capturing these extraordinary moments.

What does today hold for you?


  1. Enjoy your snow day and I hope it warms up soon.

  2. I love the mug your sister made...it's so sweet. My day was filled with phone calls, housework and a little painting.

    Happy New Year Catherine!!!

    1. Lisa, that sounds like a perfectly productive day. Happy New Year to you too!


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