January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Goals for 2014:

1.  Be present in the moment
2.  Capture one ordinary moment everyday.
3.  Write from the heart.
4.  Step out in boldness.
5.  Create routines that free me.

6.  Drink lots of water.
7.  Be grateful for every bite.
8.  Walk as often as possible.
9.  Go outdoors and savor nature.
10. Love well.

11. Let go of judgement and embrace grace.
12. Read great books.
13. Speak honestly.
14. Own wrongs quickly.
15. Be brave.

Happy New Year to those celebrating! Do you have any goals or dreams you'd like to share for the new year?


  1. Number 14 makes me cringe! I am sure that means something but almost as sure I don't want to know what :) good luck with your goals :)

  2. Number 5 seems like it would be tricky for me, since I tend to resist routines. I haven't really settled on any major goals, besides baking my way through my favorite bread book. Fun (and yummy) challenge for me!

    Happy New Year!

    1. That sounds like a challenging (and delicious) goal, Rebecca! Routines are not my forte either, which is why it's on my list, ha. Hoping to set a few easy ones.

  3. My word for the year is "BRAVE". I want to write bravely on my blog about more personal topics, be brave to try experiences that I am fearful of doing, and to love bravely!
    I love your list, I think #11 spoke to me the most...letting go of judgement.

    (you are so beautiful)

    1. Mine too, Jema! Can't wait to see what else you do with your bravery. (thank you!)


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