January 13, 2014

30 Outfits with 10 Pieces

Sometimes I surrender to my crazy.

Reading her blog and getting inspired by her photos of 30 outfits with 10 items, I sat down and worked out ~ on index cards with markers ~ what I could do with ten items. This concept is not new to me, but somehow my wardrobe continues to get new pieces and I have to reduce it again.

I've handwritten outfit combinations before but being a visual kind of gal, I decided to draw them out this time. A little tedious, yes, but so much fun for me. It pulled all the creativity I own into one helpful project. The irony of this is that I don't consider myself concerned with fashion but I love creating within boundaries and ten items is a tantalizing challenge. I like the idea of knowing I could live more simply with less stuff, but I also love variety; so seeing that I can have assortment of outfits with ten items helps me follow-through.

I taped all the outfits to my tiny closet door so that I will have a view of what to choose each day. I sorted them out so that the tops wouldn't be next to each other during week. If you're on the fence about whether my crazy has taken over, here's a little something else...

Yes, I also drew accessories and shoes I wanted to wear, to help me while drafting the outfits. I think this might be the start of a new career ~ letting people send me photos of ten items they own and I'll draft up thirty outfits. What do you think? I'm teasing, of course . . . unless you're interested. ;)

Do you like doing stuff like this, or would it drive you insane?


  1. Terrific idea Catherine.......never even thought of doing this.....at the moment my wardrobe is colour co'ordinated. hugs Annette x

    1. Thanks, Netty. Afterwards I thought next time I might make copies of the pieces and just tape them onto cards instead of drawing them all. Good idea on color coordinating; I can see how that would be super helpful! :)


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