December 25, 2013

25 Thoughts on the Christmas Story

1.  Not one of my pregnancies involved riding a donkey.
2.  In the pain of labor, I'd be happy with a barn too.
3.  I imagine this was Joseph's first birth experience.
4.  His assistants were animals.
5.  Angels must have seemed like stars coming in close.
6.  With such a dark sky, they must have seemed bright.
7.  Watching sheep was finally exciting.
8.  Shepherds left their one task to find what the angels spoke of.
9.  If it's not a crying babe, it's a room full of shepherds.
10. Wise men saw the star without telescopes.
11. Why did no one else notice that star?
12. Must be like us, keeping their eyes on the ground.
13. Mary doesn't resent any of it, she treasures it in her heart.
14. The King is Mary's opposite, he despises it all.
15. The wise men must've thought the babe was Herod's child.
16. They didn't seem afraid to mention their search.
17. Maybe in their country, kings wouldn't kill you for that.
18. Herod acted the part well, matching his excitement with theirs.
19. He fooled them into doing his dirty work of finding the child.
20. Gold, frankincense and myrrh are interesting baby gifts.
21. Dreams were powerful in those times.
22. Or maybe we're just used to ignoring their significance.
23. The wise men's dream makes them wise; they avoid Herod.
24. Evil men like Herod don't like being avoided.
25. Joseph's quick obedience saved his family.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


  1. Lovely reflections on the blessed event. I've wondered the same thing about #20. I think Jesus could have used a onesy!


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