October 1, 2013

Hello October, Hello Simplicity

I've been debating Project 333 for awhile and finally decided to join this year for the Fall session (you know how I love a good challenge). I've been cleaning out and getting rid of tons of stuff: clothes, books and whatever. Can I let you in on a little secret? It feels amazing!! Me and simplicity are bff's now.

Sooo, I'm joining the challenge of wearing only 33 items of clothing/accessories/shoes (not including undergarments, pajamas, workout or lounge wear) for the next 3 months (333, see?). (You can read more about it here.) I thought it'd be fun to share my 33 items with you. I apologize for the poor photo quality, I was rushing and my camera batteries were dying. I only photographed the clothes but I'll try to show you my accessories and shoes in another post when I update my progress.

Here's the breakdown:

2 Cardigans and 1 Sweater

 2 Coats
 3 Dresses
 2 Jackets
 4 Jeans/Pants
 2 Skirts
 10 Tops

I've chosen to stay within four colors: Black, Purple, Gray, and Blue. I also added red as a splash of color and tones of green in one skirt and some blouses. I made sure all the pieces went together so assembling outfits would be easy. I tried to choose various patterns so I wouldn't get bored or have outfits look too similar (my scarves add additional colors and patterns).

Although this wardrobe needs to last through December, I chose light fabrics and more short-sleeve tops than long-sleeve because lately my body barometer has been crazy. I decided to focus on layers since they can help to stay warm or be shed to cool off. If the weather gets super cold, I'll trade out lighter fabrics for heavier ones.

Do you think 33 items is too small for a wardrobe? Have you ever limited your closet?


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