October 3, 2013

31 Days of Simple Outfits {Day 3}

I wear this striped cardigan often. It's incredibly comfortable and perfect for having just enough warmth. I paired it with my army green skirt (a-line) and boots. These boots have been with me for so long and they've served me well; but I have a new pair picked out for my birthday in November. I'm allowing myself replacements if it's truly needed and as long as I get rid of the old version.

Limiting my wardrobe is actually freeing me in so many ways. Having less to choose from takes away the burden of shuffling through ALL THE THINGS and lets me focus on clothes I love that fit well. It's a relief to pull out any piece that is currently hanging in my wardrobe knowing it will fit me and that I love it. Also, I purposely chose a color scheme which is helping enormously to pair multiple clothes together. Most of the pieces in my closet go with every other piece in my closet. That cuts down on the "oh-no-the-shirt-that goes-with-this-skirt-is-dirty" syndrome because every other shirt goes with it too!

What colors do you gravitate to in your wardrobe?

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