May 17, 2013

Sometimes Sour, Sometimes Sweet

"Life is like a piano, white keys are happy moments. Black keys are sad moments, but remember both keys are played together to give sweet music." ~ Unknown

It's true that life can be wounding and refuse to let up. We can't always change our circumstances, the people around us or the pain we feel; but there are ways to soften the blow.

1. Find the Sweet.

There are many sweet things in life and we each have our own version of them. Some of mine happen to be: a tender hug, a new haircut or a long, hot bath. When life gets too overwhelming, I make sure I have something like this to focus on. Sweetness can give a simple reminder that life is good even when everything is falling apart.

2. Allow a Soul Touch

Walking alone in pain is sometimes necessary to a degree, but sharing your struggles with a trusted friend allows you to lay down a piece of it. When we're in pain, each piece we set down, makes for a lighter load. After talking about my burden, I often feel physically lighter.

3. Do Something for Someone Else

I don't understand it, but the act of reaching out to another person always changes my perspective. Maybe it's the reminder that I'm not only one hurting, or perhaps it just takes me out of my self-focus long enough to see what's around me. All I know is, when I'm sad, doing something nice for someone else lifts my spirits.

This week has been tough for many reasons, but I am grateful for the beautiful, tender and sweet reminders that life is also good.


  1. You always have a positive attitude which is very admirable Catherine. Sending you healing restful and peaceful thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I can't say I always have a positive attitude, but it does help me to look at the good. :)

  2. I hope next week is less tough for you. This is a beautiful post!

  3. take care, do nice things for yourself! Heather x

  4. Hi sori I havent been around for ages
    sori about your MeMaw
    thinking about you
    Jen at

    1. Thank you, Jen. No reason to be sorry, life just happens that way. Hope everything is good with you!

  5. sending much love and light to you sweet thing!


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