March 27, 2013


I must admit, lately I'm consumed with simplicity. My library list is full of books on the subject. People have asked me why, why limit yourself. I watched Half the Sky last week. Beautiful stories. Women overcoming difficulties I can't even comprehend, to help others and give hope. They have nothing. Truly, nothing. And I have excess, even in my simplicity. I think that's a good why.
My kids will tell you, I'm obsessed with food. I ask them if they've eaten, what they've eaten, ask if they need a snack. If they say no, I take one anyway. I worry about being without food, which is strange because I've never been without food. I've never even been without a surplus of food. There's always food in my cabinets and fridge (although my kids will swear there's nothing). So where does my obsession stem? I can only surmise that it's a love of comfort, of not wanting to feel the ache of hunger, not wanting to be without; an entitlement of sorts.

I wish I could say I'm comfortable being uncomfortable. Maybe if I practice at it, I could be. Or maybe you're never supposed to be comfortable with it. I'm contemplating some reductions in my diet. This causes the very core of me to tremble which tells me I have a problem. I hope that peeling back the layers will reveal what's stuck down in the cracks of my soul.
I'll tell you what I am getting uncomfortable with, overeating when others have so little. Maybe if I go with less, I can do something. Perhaps if I experience hunger pains; then I'll be able to relate in a small way. Less food means saving money which means I might have funds to help someone. As a lady said in Half the Sky, even helping one person matters to that one. And this was in the midst of showing the story of a girl who's father never gave her a kind word (not even when they asked him on film) and yet who rose above her mother-abandoned-father-abusive situation because someone sent funds for her to go to school. I sobbed. Seriously, if you haven't watched Half the Sky, I'm begging you to. It's beautiful.

Photos://veggie lasagna//lemon tea//painting of a young friend//leftover paint chips//


  1. You are inspirational. Sounds like an empowering story. Your photos are wonderful.

  2. I can tell that I am starving because despite the more serious nature of your post and the things I could say about that, my brain can only keep repeating: That veggie lasagna looks SO GOOD!

  3. Oh Catherine. I know I don't comment much anymore, but I do still read everything you post. And I must say I am thoroughly enjoying following along with your journey here. The words you post are so inspiring! You are well on the way to becoming an even better person, and I need to take a leaf from your book! ; ]

    I think sometimes when it comes to the food situation, people forget that there are so many people in this world that are starving. I mean, it's old news. Nobody reports on it anymore. It's very sad though. I wish I were approached more by charities asking for money for food for people who need it. I can't remember the last time I was--so I don't even know which charities are the ones that actually donate everything you donate ya know? But either way, I am in no position to be giving away money right now, but I would love to know where to direct my efforts in the future! Do you know of any honorable causes?

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Beckie! You know, I don't have a list like that but I want to; and being that I love research, I'll start compiling one. The only organization that I personally know the people working it are good honest people, is Water is Life: They aren't giving out food, but they're helping with the water situation. I'll try to post more as I discover other true ones.

  4. good on and bless you :) That program sounds really interesting :)
    when you have a moment Im blogging again

  5. I can relate to this a lot. I always seem to need the food security blanket too! My son is now incredibly fussy probably because of me! It's strange because I have not even come close to starving! Interesting topic, Heather x

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