January 14, 2013

Fairy Sightings: Under the Icicles

Under the icicles, she perches astride the fence. The cold stillness of the day doesn't seem to bother her, she's too settled in her thoughts. I envy her, so perfectly content and absorbed she doesn't even notice me. And I long to be there ~ the peaceful sitting, the silent pondering of nature's beauty, bringing priorities into focus. Keep on spinning, world, but I'll pause in the quiet moments. I'll ponder my own shortcomings and contemplate plans to improve. I'll soak in the beauty around me. I'll stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy this tender, fleeting moment.

{In case you're curious, here's last week's sighting}


  1. Wow look at those icicles! Looks very cold there but your fairy appears serene so that's good. :)

    1. It's been stay-under-the-covers cold! I only wish there was snow layered on the ground to go with it. :)

  2. sounds like a good idea....no more worrying....Heather x


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