December 14, 2012

Sweet Little Things: Christmas

These adorable ornaments bring up such tender memories: my eldest daughter in her hand-painted ceramic ornament and my little elf son.
 This gingerbread ornament looks yummy enough to eat!
 Snowmen are a favorite in this household (especially for my second-born).
 A nativity ornament all the way from Jerusalem (didn't realize how dusty it was--oops).
 And speaking of the second-born, she had the most precious chubby cheeks!
And the ballerina with no foot, lost in a tree-falling accident. Miraculously, she still spins.

What's your favorite Christmas treasure?


  1. as we put up our tree this year is struck me how most of our decorations are ornaments made by the boys from school, over the years. i love that...and the others are either specially gifted or ones form my hubs or my childhood...that is precious to me
    there was a time when I wanted to get rid of all the hand me downs and purchase the perfectly matched tree decorations...I don't feel that anymore : )

    love and light

    ps talented ceramic maker you have!

    1. I love it too. I think I appreciate it more now that they're getting older and aren't making ornaments anymore. I love the walk down memory lane.

  2. Your pretty Christmas pics make me want to make ginger cookies.

  3. Great ornaments! That gingerbread one looks like you COULD eat it lol.


    1. Doesn't it? Thank goodness my good friend baked gingersnap cookies for me this weekend which kept me from attempting to nibble this ornament. :)


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