May 10, 2012

Inspiring Interview & Beginner Henna Kit Giveaway!

Zena and Marley from Henna King agreed to answer a few questions and also offered to give away a free Beginner Henna Kit! {see details below}

1. How did you get started in Henna tattoos?
Twelve years ago, two couples got together and said "Hey. lets start a internet company and then we can move anywhere we want!" So the four of us started Henna King because two of us, Zena and Marley, were doing Henna Tattoos in Northern California at the time. The two girls run the business end of taking orders, filling orders, phones, emails, as well as packaging and making products like our lip stain. The guys do advertising, the web, importing and shipping. Works very well for us all.
2. What are your favorite tools?
Our favorite tools for henna would be pre-made cones. Easy, simple and efective. No messy mixing!

3. What advice would you give a newbie?
Advice for a newbie would be to go stand over a henna artist at work and watch them! Or, go get a henna tattoo and ask a lot of questions.  

4. If you were a famous actor/actress, who would you be?
We all like George Clooney we think he is a great humanitarian. 

5. And to close, a few either/or questions just for fun:
Grand Canyon or the Taj Mahal?  Taj Mahal of course! Wev'e all been to India. 
Grapes or coconuts?  Coconuts, we all like Pina Coladas! 
Red or Purple? Henna Red!

Thanks so much! To enter the giveaway, tell us your favorite item from Henna King in the comments below. The giveaway ends May 14th at midnight. I'll post the winner on Tuesday, May 15th!


  1. Henna is so pretty, I've always wanted to get one. Maybe I should check these guys site out. :)

  2. ohhh, i have always wanted a henna sister almost did one on me from a kit years ago.( when we visited her in Ireland)
    anyways, great giveaway! i really love the BRIDAL Henna Tattoo Kit. i didnt know that the bride doesnt have to do housework till the henna tattoo wears off! so cool!

  3. What a fun post! Just had my first henna tattoo on my foot done, it was a great day to go barefoot and show it off. I didn't realize one could get all natural stains for your cool. My favorite organic, safe lipstick product would be PoMeGRaNitE PoP Lip Stain with the free gloss! Like A Monarch

    1. I know! Aren't they beautiful? A foot henna tattoo sounds fun for summer!

  4. please enter me in your draw
    I like the hair dyes my greys beginning to show through again
    and I also like the "HENNA Fingers Design Book for Henna Tattoos Original Patterns Fun Designs" I think its quite clever :)

  5. I like the Bridal Henna Kit- it's a nice traditional set, but still beautifully elaborate

  6. I love Henna tattoos because I'm too chicken to get a real one. Ha. This feels permanent for a time but not PERMANENT, ya know? I like the hearts kit because...well...I like hearts.

    1. I'm with you on being chicken about the read thing, except mine's more about avoiding pain. Ha!


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