February 13, 2012

Much Love Monday: Winter Being Itself Again

source Martha Stewart
What am I loving today? SNOW!! Oh how I've waited for this! Winter's acted like spring all season long; I hoped it would become itself before the season was over. So I'm thrilled it's donned the white robe and sprinkled glitter all around as only it can. I'll be celebrating with a dressed up cup of hot chocolate (hopefully a bit like this one).

What are you loving today?


  1. Oh those marshmallows are sooo freaking adorable!
    Mmm… I see you have two cups there, Care to share?
    I'll bring the scones ;)

  2. Yes Katerina, that extra one's for you. *passes the cup* And I've got more on the stove for everyone else. By the way, those scones smell yummy. ;)

  3. Your hot chocolate will surely warm up your toes and your spirit too!

    Happy Monday to you :D

  4. What a lovely, warm post! We also got snow, though it started a little over a week ago. There is just so much of it - like never before! But your post reminded me to take an extra special moment to enjoy it in that special winter way, with a cup of hot cocoa - thanks for having us over! :)

  5. Those marshmallows are so cute!! My daughter would love those!

    We *almost* had a snow day, but the temperature rose too much. :(

  6. today I'm loving the pic u posted!!! I wish i had one of those right now!!!!!

  7. I LOVE snow
    so nice

    love and light

  8. hot chocolate AND snow ... what more can you ask for? :)

  9. love those little marshmallow hearts. we had a bit of snow too... I love weather as long as it comes and goes - too much winter or summer makes me crazy ;) lol xoxo B

  10. I am soooo jealous! We still haven't seen any of the white stuff except in a flurry here and there. No glittery magic for me this year I guess ;-(


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