January 5, 2012

Truth Thursdays: I Heart Legwarmers

Sweet Little Luxuries
  • I love legwarmers. Seriously, why don't women my age wear these?
  • And as I've said before, I LOVE boots.
  • I secretly wonder if I'm being filmed for "What Not to Wear".
  • I like paint all over my hands and arms. Sometimes I'm tempted not to wash it off.
  • I have a low voice. Even as a newborn, Mom said my cry was lower than my sister's. It took me years to accept it (didn't wanna sound man-ish). When I was in high school someone told me it was sultry, that helped.
What about you? Any truths you'd like to share?


  1. Embrace your true self. I like a lower voice in a woman is sexy. Think, Nora Jones. mmm. I used to love legwarmers in the 80's! My yoga instructor still wears them and she's over 50.

  2. I really like anything to do with the 70's. I wish I could be a hippy (the non-dope-smoking, Jesus loving type) and wear my hair long, with flowing clothes (and boots) and drive around the U.S. in a Volkswagen bus...light green with off white seats.

    How's that for a picture?

    And I would wear those awesome leg warmers any day.

  3. Those leg warmers are awesome! I love them myself. You know what else I love? Bacon, I can eat it everyday ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  4. I'm 51 and I'd wear those! In fact, I'm going to my local sock shop to find some like that. Love em!

    I also have a huge boot love as well. My fix is that whatever I love in black I have to find it in brown too. Same goes for casual, rugged and dressy categories too. Does that give you a hint as to how many pairs of boots I might have? ;-) Oh, and I forgot to mention tall boots and ankle boots. Black and brown in each of those categories too!

  5. 1. I also love leg warmers and have worn them recently (it's COLD in Hamburg)! 2. I just told Tobi yesterday that he should nominate me for "What Not to Wear." 3. I also have always felt uncomfortable about my low voice. I can MAKE it sound high, but my normal tone is low!

    We have so much in common, seriously! ;) Trying the signature thing:

    Sadee @ a Picturebook Life

  6. I have a smile on my face. I am one of those who wears what I want to wear and the heck with what not to wear, although, my daughter is always telling me what not to wear!

  7. haha... your list is super cute! What Not to Wear is my favorite show. :) And those leg warmers are SUPER CUTE! I'm always cold, I should try some.

    And thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment. Please keep in touch.


  8. love the boots, and the legs warmers look cool!
    bought my mom some for christmas!

  9. I'll wear leg warmers if you will! Love those boots, too. I finally treated myself to ballet flats. Next step is getting a fun pair of tights! Might have to get some leg warmers since it's winter. My truth is to no longer hold myself back.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Sultry is a GREAT word! I'd love to have a sultry voice... mine is just annoying. LOL.

    And GO for those leg warmers!! They're SUPER cute! Women of all ages wear all kinds of STUFF. Just wear what makes you happy!
    And don't wash that paint off your arm! You're an ARTIST!

  11. Ha. I love your truths. Maybe I'll borrow them ... but then, they probably wouldn't be truths anymore ... eh? haha.

    I have a low voice also. Somebody once told me I had too much testosterone. I hit them. (just kidding)

    Great post. Thanks for making me smile!

  12. Cute - I love your truths - now I really want to hear your speak! I also love having paint all over my hands and I often notice paint on my arms at work, I don't wash if off as i like to be reminded where my heart really is.

  13. I like old movies and songs -- something about the past. I like history.

  14. I love boots, and always hate to see winter end when I have to put my boots away for the warm seasons :/

  15. oh my goodness, I HAVE to get some of those leg warmers. And I heart boots too!!! I am so glad that they are back!!!

  16. Sis, I just saw this blog and TOTALLY cracked up at this list especially the thinking you are secretly being filmed for what Not to wear!!! ROFL!! You are your boots (and leg warmers) are too cute!


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