January 3, 2012

Quaint Anniversary Picstory

We had the best time on our anniversary trip! It was the perfect mix of going and doing then resting and relaxing. We shopped in unique boutiques, walked around beautiful downtown, toured a scenic chapel, dined out in style and chilled in the room. We talked non-stop all the way there and had such a wonderful time catching up. It's not often we get extended time alone, so we relished every moment. On our fanciest dinner out, I took a photo of the sourdough bread and honey butter but when the entree came I was so hungry I forgot to snap a shot. Too bad because it was beautiful (and delicious). Ah well...maybe next time.

I'm determined to make more mini-dates throughout this year to give us extra time to catch up. We end up doing it late at night and we've got teenagers so late night gets REALLY late. Needing our sleep makes me want to figure out times to connect without taking too much away from family and without losing sleep. It also needs a bit of creativity because I can't be spending tons of money. I'll be sharing these fun, inexpensive date ideas with you along the way.

If you've got cheap date ideas to share, I'd love to hear them (and maybe try them out)!


  1. aww how cute are y'all?! and what fun! congrats on your anniversary! mini-dates sound like a great idea! i can't wait to see your ideas :)

  2. i think all couples need one date night a week. keep you connected.
    Maybe you guys could go on a picnic. even if it is one in the dark, with lanterns ( maybe when it warms up).
    take a bike ride, or sight see a town you have been wanting to go to!
    hope that helps.
    ps. thanks so much for be kind enough to leave such nice comments! I really appreciate them!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! I love the pictures. :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary! These were lovely! Glad you had an awesome time! My hubby and I love to do drive-in's, free movie nights downtown are just lovely too! We love the free things and normally google what's happening our city! It works the best!

  5. Happy Anniversary ... Raising my coffee cup in a toast to you and your husband ... Cheers :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a sweet date.

  7. Happy Anniversary Catherine
    what a get thing it is to get away with the one we love
    sooooo good
    and I sooooooooooo get the teenager-late-night-thing!!! Oh do I ever
    For us sometimes it is just a hike or a walk...even a drive
    something that gets us out of the house and away from the daily pressures and opens up space to talk

    it is so worth doing

    Love and Light

  8. Sounds so lovely! I love to go bowling with my mister or to the cheap, $2 movie theater.

  9. Thanks everyone for your great ideas.:) Keep 'em coming!

  10. That bread looks friggin delicious!!! Oh, and happy anniversary also, though I'm a wee bit late in the wishing :)

  11. Some of my favorite date nights are just eating dinner at home and listening to vinyls...love your photos :)

  12. Working weekends I hardy ever get time to spend with my partner. We'd planned to go out for lunch last week and then at the last minute he invited his mother! Yes, his mother needless to say I sulked like a big baby and went out for lunch with my daughter instead. He said sorry later -lol. I really need date ideas - help!

  13. One time my husband and I went to Barnes and Noble. We each spent about 30 minutes browsing the store and picking out 6 books that the other would like. Then we sat down to discuss them and why we picked them. It sparked some interesting conversation. Get a coffee or a desert while you talk and review your books.

  14. Also...We also have this fun little book called 100 Dating Ideas or something like that...some of the ideas are corny and sort of for new couples rather than married ones who have been together for a long time, but there are fun reads out there.

    Happy Anniversary a little late!


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