January 23, 2012

Much Love Monday: Heart-y Finds

With Valentine's Day getting close, I'm loving hearts on everything:

Atomic Passion on Etsy
Big Silly World on Etsy
Wee Lambie Knits on Etsy
Yeah, the hat's sized for a child, but you know you want one. And who doesn't want a Chenille sock monkey to cuddle with?

What are you loving today?


  1. I "heart" the pin, it'd be pretty to wear in February to add that touch of Valentine sparkle to the days.

  2. those shoes are AWESOME!!!!!

    Love and Light

  3. Catherine, you had me at the shoes! Ditto, Cat! If I had the legs, the butt and the balance ~ I would so want!

  4. (Aside from the hat, I also love the name of your blog "winged writer." :D

  5. oh those shoes! then you hammer it in with a sock monkey !!! :)

  6. Oh, the pin is gorgeous. What a lovely collection of things. I'd snuggle with that sock monkey, for sure!

  7. me me!! I would wear or snuggle it all! Love the shoes and monkey!

  8. When I was a teenager and spent hours on the phone, I used to doodle hearts all over a piece of paper or on top of my homework notes...heart after heart after heart until it look like a cluster of flowers.

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