January 19, 2012

Little Black Dress

Jacket: Hand-me-down from Mom
Little Black Dress: Eco Chic Thrift Store
Shoes: Target (Fall clearance for $6.00!)
Pearls: handmade by daughter 
Beads: garage sale

Not being accustomed to black tie affairs, I was nervous about going to a fancy fundraiser. I knew some women would be in full evening gowns but I also knew that wasn't me. I wanted something simple, comfortable and classy. So I decided on my little black dress. My daughter lent me her jacket, shoes and beads. The jacket had a nice sheen to it that's hard to get right in these pictures.

She attempted to talk me into three-inch heels but I nearly killed myself tripping into the wall; so we went back to a more do-able heel. I love the splash of color and the flower decal on these shoes. It's only a plus that they were $6.00 on clearance!

Are you frilly like Fancy Nancy? Or more down-to-earth like Junie B. Jones?


  1. Oh I'm definitely down-to-earth, and would've chosen like you did. Simple black. So often, it just seems to work the best. You were definitely stylin' here :)

  2. You look terrific in your outfit! As for me I love dressing up, but the heels are not as high as they used to be when I was in my 20's! :-)

  3. You look SO classy and adorable all rolled into one. Love it!
    I totally shop at thrift stores and Ross, Marshalls, etc. I love a bargain.

  4. Love this photo of you, Catherine! The entire ensemble comes together beautifully. Ditto what Karen said, Classy AND Adorable!

  5. okay
    it cracks my up that you are standing in your washroom taking that photo...bloggers are so crazy, I love it
    the out fit is so sweet...love the shoes
    you look wonderful!

    Truly I am a bit of both
    I love dressing in a gown...I have kept a couple of my favourite bridesmaids gowns so I can do so, but it is usually in the context of fun
    I also enjoy my cargo pants, hiking boots and a cotton-T
    I am a mixed bag

    Love and Light

  6. I'm more down-to-earth than frilly. It's important to be comfortable, that way you can focus on having a good time. Love the outfit!

  7. Love your thrifty-ness. I'm not a name brand gal, myself. I figure I can look nice and still have money to spend on dinner and a movie.

  8. I looked at those EXACT same shoes into Target, but they didn't have my size. SO disappointed!

    You look adorable. :-)

  9. Give me June B. Jones any day!! :)

  10. Ok men take their lives in their hands when commenting on how a woman is dressed so I'll be brief. You look very cool by my standards. As to which of the other ladies styles I would choose, I have no idea who you are talking about. If I were to take a lady friend to a formal do then a flower from myself for her would be in order and however she dresses would depend on what kind of person she was, different styles for different personalities. Me personally, I clean up real good and look great in formal attire.

  11. Oh my word, I LOVE those shoes! And you look very chic! You can never go wrong in black! I'm sort of halfway between Fancy Nancy (I do like those high heels!) and a tomboy like Junie B.

  12. You are too cute and classy! I love your little black dress, jacket and shoes attire (and the homemade pearls :) I definitely love FRILLY and Fancy Nancy but being in my mid life I also like the comfy casual with a splash of frill. Laughed out loud with you falling into the wall, glad you found shoes that were more comfortable AND adorable.

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