January 27, 2012

In the Picture: January Edition

Self Portrait #1
Self Portrait #2
Self Portrait #3
Self Portrait #4
I've never done a project of self-portraits before. Sharing these photos feels vulnerable, like getting caught talking to yourself or dancing alone in a room. Taking them felt weird enough, but broadcasting them uncovers another thing entirely. It's an unveiling of moments. My moments. I joined In The Picture to stretch myself and I'm getting my money's worth. During this first month of "selfies", I learned a few lessons. 1.) It's difficult to get a good timed shot. 2.) I struggle to smile at a person-less camera. 3.) Shooting photos of myself when others are around is unsettling. 4.) Imagining myself as an item in the picture, rather than the focus, helps.

Does anyone have tips they'd like to share?

How do you stretch yourself in your art, writing, sewing or other craft?


  1. I think an assignment like this would inspire me to try to capture different perspectives, like your shoes and hair shots. Sometimes those types of close-ups reveal more than a classic "portrait" shot.

  2. very cool Catherine
    love the images
    self portraits really are a lesson in vulnerability...it get be a really great way to get comfortable with ones self
    good for you for going for it!

    Love and light

  3. i love this post, and am glad that you are stretching yourself and learning new things. thanks for linking up at {in the picture} today!

  4. I love this post! Number 2 is so dreamlike - it looks like you're floating off the ground(cute shoes, too!)

  5. I like your portraits from all angles. Different and creative! :-)

  6. So many great images - I love how you are looking down in the first one. Thanks for sharing what you learned too, that is helpful for the rest of us joining in!

  7. I so agree with the "vulnerable" feeling one gets by posting selfies. But these are fantastic and I'm glad you moved past the feeling of vulnerability so we could all enjoy :)


  8. Wow - you are brave - not easy to look at yourself and take pics. I guess you have to step aside from yourself and be objective and look at yourself, but in a sense not through your own eyes!? By the way, you are really cute and look just like your girly in your banner. (Isn't it funny how we seem to paint ourselfs?)Really enjoying your posts, so free and fun and heartfelt.

  9. I feel honoured to share these moments with you. I can relate to the sense of vulnerability.

  10. I know - taking self portraits is so hard on so many levels! But you did great! I especially love the shot of your hair! {in the picture}

  11. i can so see your face reflected in your art! its the eyes =)
    self pics had to be tough!

    have a great wknd!

  12. I like what you said in #4. Also, don't worry about smiling. Try photos with no smile, creative, or dramatic looks. And, experiment with where you need to stand to be in a different area of the shot, top left, or bottom right, middle, etc.
    I'm stretching myself HUGE right now with the play. I need to be a leader. I need to invite others into my art and my life.

  13. Very good start.
    Self portraits are hard, but I guess that we will learn so much from this.

  14. These are great, love the first two in particular.

  15. I love all your photos. I am also struggling with self-portraits and agree with all you have said in your post. Because we are new to this process, I think being relaxed is very important. Once we are familiar with our equipment-remotes, etc. I believe we can be more creative. It's beginning to be fun now!

  16. I really like these and have never tried self portraits...mainly because I think I look horrible in pictures and I always have a sneaking suspicion that that's the way I look in real life. It's depressing. It hasn't ever dawned on me that I could take a picture of my feet or the back of my head. I'll have to try it.

  17. I am so impressed that you are doing this! I love the back of the head hair shot with the little glimpse of a strand of pearls.

    Very cool.


  18. even though i've taken selfies before, i've never done a project of them. it's intimidating, but exciting, too! i look forward to seeing more of yours as the year unfolds. and now i am following, so i'll be able to see your future s.p. shots.

    i love your first round. cute outfit you are wearing in the first!

  19. LOVE #4!!!! Not an easy task, but you've inspired me to be adventurous.

  20. I'm so proud of you for being brave and just doing it! I love things about all of them. The first one with looking down and the tall tree behind where you are part of pic but not all of it, LOVE the skirt and boots one...because the skirt and boots are way cute! Also, love the close up of you without smiling and your eyes are popping! and last the whimsy braided hair from the back!

  21. Yes, I know just what you mean about feeling wierd, for sure. In all the selfies I will do, I am pretty sure that there will never be one where I am looking directly at the camera lens...too vulnerable...too undressing...too much pressure to not look old and lame!
    I would suggest not looking directly at the lens, to ease the awkwardness, and focus on close ups so it is just about YOU.
    I love your shoes shot.
    It is a stretch for sure, and I think it is catching...I am starting a gratitude journal based on the book One Thousands Gifts, and making it a photograph artistic journal too. We shall see.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  22. I take self portraits all the time. If I didn't, I would never have a new picture for my facebook or my blog.

    I love your pretty pictures and your new profile picture is lovely!!!

    To stretch myself? I may paint a self portrait at some point. Every artist does, right?


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